About the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources

About  Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculties

 Afagh Higher Educational Institution was established as an in agricultural-based institute in 1387.At that time, the university began its activity with the fields of production and use of medicinal plants , aquaculture, in both  associate and bachelor’s degrees. With 119 students.

In 2011, by adding technical, engineering and humanities, the Faculty of Agriculture detached  from other faculties and continued its activities due to the expansion and variety of its educational groups and courses

 the university educates specialized courses in different academic fields of agriculture science including:

3educational groups

58faculty members with associate professor degree

6bachelor courses

3master ccourses

More than 1500 students 3 laboratories

Educational and research farm


The presence of young faculty members possessing scientific capabilities in various field, laboratory facilities, farms and research farm and green houses have resulted in conducting extended  range of educational and research activities in different  agricultural fields.Generally the activities are directed towards the enhancement of production capacity and supplying  food safety aiming at improviement of public’s life state.

Developing supplementary education and accepting students in master courses like Food Science & Industry, Plant Pathology, Natural Resources and Forestry has shown acceptable progress  with covering  71 students in above mentioned courses.

In addition to its research and educational mission the faculty of Agriculture hopes to present new services of development and production in agricultural sector aiming at achieving stable agriculture via recognizing the vast geography of the province and region and understanding its relative priorities.