Terms of employment and cooperation

Terms of employment and cooperation:

- The terms of employment, salary and bonus, and salary increase are all based on the laws of the Ministry of Labor.

-All personnel records should be submitted even in the trial period and limited time-based employment.

- Minimum payments would be made for the incomplete submission of the salary documents as indicated by the labor law.

- Office hours are from 07:45 to 15:30, Saturday to Thursday. If there is a need to stay overtime on holidays, the payment would be made in accordance with the law of the Ministry of Labor.


Documents required to complete the personnel dossier:

• Verified copy of all pages of the ID card.

• Verified copy of the National Card.

• Verified copy of military service card.

• Verified copy of the attained latest degree.

• Verified copy of the marriage document.

• Completed forms of security office.

  4 * 3 photos (6 pieces).

 • Adequate promissory note for security purposes.

• Non-addiction certificate.

• Certificate of non-criminal record.

• Written consent as well as the copy of the latest paycheck from the previous workplace.

Office services:

Part time service

Considering the request of those employees who are busy studying at the other universities (State, Azad, Payam-e noor, Applied, …), the University would agree with their employment as part-time.

  Terms of changing organizational posts (positions):

• If suggested by the president of the University.

• If agreed by the head of the related department.

• If there is a vacancy for a post as verified by the Bureau of Plan and Program.

• If qualified for the position in terms of the educational degree and field of study.


Leave entitlement

For every 8 hours of leave, a one-day leave is deducted.

More than 3/1hour leave is considered as a   day leave.

The maximum annual leave allowance for any employee who has worked for one year is 30 days.

Sick leave

Whenever an employee becomes ill and is no longer able to do his/her job, the employee should inform the Administrative office, in the shortest possible time, with a medical fit note.

Unpaid leave:

Unpaid leave is subject to the condition that the trial period has come to an end; the leave would be possible only in the following cases:

1- The employee is not entitled to take leave; his/her urgent need to take leave is quite clear.

2- The employee intends to continue his/her studies and provides the necessary documents.

3. The employee has to travel abroad with his wife.

4. The employee, after using his/her four-month leave, is unable to do his/her job due to the illness, or the illness is diagnosed as terminal.

5- The off days during the leave period are considered as leave days.



The absence of an employee from   his post which does not exceed 3 days and is due to the following documented reasons is considered justified:

1. His illness.

2. The injuries the employee, his parents, spouse and children incurred from the accidents.

3. A severe illness of father, mother, spouse and children.

4-  Death of spouse or relatives (Affinal, consanguineal) to the third level.

5- Child birth (Having a child)

6- Marriage (the employee or his/her children).

7- The summoning of the employee by the judicial authorities for testifying and conducting the investigation (determining the authenticity of the alleged claims of the employee is the responsibility of the head of the department).  If the claim is confirmed, the absence of the employee is considered either as an entitlement or sick leave (based on the claimed reason) and the necessary decree will be issued accordingly.