Public Relationships

Mrs.Parastoo Kharazi

Charge: Director of public relationship and secretariat.

Educational Records:

About the Public Relation Department:

The public Relation is in Presidency realm and is appointed by the University Presidency. As public relations displays the entire simulation of the university and is the illustrator of positive imagination of a scientific collection, with the latest promotional and communication methods, its tasks are summarized in various areas of “information, promotion, persuasion, optimization, and formalities as well “


Description of Public Relations Tasks:

  1. Analyzing and describing of Values, Features, Views and Plans of the University Collaboration and participation in public advertisement about cultural, social and economic fairs
  2. Collection and concentration of information and news on activities, actions, plans and programs of the university in order to regulate news and advertising policies to provide mutual understanding between students, professors and authorities.
  3. Establishing a good relationship between the staff and the university authorities through local meetings.
  4. Preparing and publishing news, announcements, banners and messages from the relevant organizations and arranging its publication and reflection in the mass media.
  5. Supervising and implementing the publications of the university.
  6. Establishment of a library and information and press archives.
  7. Doing internal advertising in the university.
  8. Reviewing the views and evaluating public opinion in the framework of the tasks assigned to presenting the results to the university authorities in order to adopt optimal implementation methods and formulate plans and programs.
  9. Prepare photos, slides and videos of university activities and create audio visual archives.
  10. Publish university performance.
  11. Participation and planning for seminars, conferences, and exhibitions.
  12. Achieving other things that is referred to it by necessity through the highest authority for action.