Electrical & Electronics

General information:

Faulty of Electrical and electronic Engineering was established in 2013. This faculty has 17 academic members in fields of control, electrical and electronic engineering, communication engineering, bioelectrical engineering. We have undergraduate program in bioelectrical engineering. Faculty benefits from professional labs which have been well equipped for education and research purposes.

Power Systems Engineering Group:

he focus of this group is on generation, transmission, distribution, and conversion of electrical energy. Power system engineering and electrical machines are two classical subdivisions of this group. The former analyzes the study, design, utilization, control, and protection of power systems; while the second subdivision deals mostly with the design of electrical machines and their operational principles.

Electronic Engineering Group:

In today's modern communities, many products and services are designed, manufactured, and utilized based on the performance of Electronics Engineers.

Modern electronics has made it possible to utilize complex systems in all fields of engineering and manufacturing, which in turn has revolutionized human kind's lifestyle. Computers are an obvious example of such systems in which all types of electronic devices, such as diodes and transistors integrated on a tiny IC, are used.

Bioelectrical Engineering Group:

This is a new and developing field in engineering, which gathers the expertise of engineers, physiologists, physicians, and other scientists to improve upon the devices and methods used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. To this aim, the technology and science is employed in solving the mysteries of medicine and biology