About the Faculty of Engineering

On Faculty of Engineering

This college, located at Valfjar Blvd. next to Sahel Hotel, is keeping on doing its educational activities independently of the other colleges. It has more than 1,000 students currently studying at the faculty. The program has been divided into three courses, namely Electronics, Architecture/Urban Planning and Civil Engineering/Surveying providing special training for students at Ph.D., BA, and Master’s degree levels. Equipped with four big ateliers for the students of Architecture and a well-equipped laboratory for students of Electronic and also equipment for students of Surveying, and…, the faculty has provided the students with required scientific setting.  The continuous presence of faculty members and Heads of Departments for guiding purposes has always been a source of satisfaction for students. The Office for Education and Postgraduate program is being supervised by the Deputy for the Education and Postgraduate Affairs. The office is dealing with issues of theses affairs and participating in scientific research projects, …