Attraction and Development Chief

Dr.Sadegh Mohammadikhah

research, attraction and development Expert

Born: 1984 in khoy


research, attraction and development Expert

Educational Records:

Bachelor: Majored in Mathematics from payame Noor University of khoy in 2008.

      1. Master: the purely hypothetical mathematics of algebra from Urmia University in 2010.
      2. Ph.D.: The pure mathematics of algebra orientation from the faculty of mathematical Sciences of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2016.

Master’s thesis title:

  1. Vertical triangles with algebraic sides and elliptic bends on numerical fields

Title of Ph.D. Thesis:
The study of Combines properties of Half Groups

On  Deputy for Attraction & Development Affairs:

Today, one of the most important tasks of Afagh University is to establish a constructive and purposeful system to achieve the scientific and cultural experiences of others and to establish valid methods for educating committed artists to be active in the cultural arena of the Islamic Revolution. Undoubtedly, innovation and important advances in the field of science and culture are possible if due attention is paid to research. While many scholars believe that the source of many sciences can be traced in the East, unfortunately, in the last five centuries, the Eastern communities did not have a significant contribution to world scientific development, and have been largely converted into the consumers of scientific developments. In developed countries, along with the advancement of science and technology, advanced research systems have been developed, as in the world of science, the scope of the vision depends on the extent of participation in research. The ability to quickly get access to the basic information enhances the efficiency of scientific systems. In order to achieve the indicated goals, Afagh University has integrated a research-oriented approach in its educational system to the extent that teaching in all educational levels is conducted in such a way that students, besides focusing on their texts, are busy conducting researches on the sources pertained to their courses and expanding their knowledge. In other words, research oriented students are learning how to learn and, in this way, they are equipped with the ability to develop their knowledge in a scientific way. In this regard, considering the importance of libraries and information centers, as the main centers for collecting and organizing the information resources and research tools, Afagh University has proceeded with establishing and equipping specialized libraries. Through collaborating with other libraries and enjoying the website and services of its specialist librarians, the university has provided the researchers with their required research resources. 

Duties and responsibilities of Attraction & Development Chief:

• Acting as the secretary of the research council of the university; preparing and editing the points approved by the council.

 • Carrying out the necessary surveys to find the research needs of the university with reference to country’s industrial, economic, social and cultural aspects through compiling and calculating the relevant indicators and criteria.

• Making decision on research programs and submitting the corrective comments to the relevant authorities.

• Reviewing the research projects conducted by the lecturers   in terms of quality and expected costs

• Providing facilities and equipment needed for projects with the aid of the other relevant departments

• Carrying out all the affairs of the research contracts and proceeding with their implementation.

• Establishing connection with the scientific, industrial, and economic poles of the country in order to recognize their research and educational projects and their required human resources.

• Collecting appropriate scientific and industrial projects to be used by students of different educational levels

• Carrying out the affairs of research projects.

 • Obtaining knowledge on the short and long term specialized courses required by the industrial sectors of the country.

• Collaborating with organizations and companies in conducting industrial-research experiments according to the current norms.

• Collaborating and coordinating research activities of faculties and various research and executive departments

• Undertaking necessary review to modifying or develop research projects in order to meet the needs of the community.

• Evaluating of the progress of the research activities of the university and preparing annual reports.

• Preparing and setting of research programs in the approved formats.

• Investigating and proposing the financial credits required by research departments according to the set plans.

• Collaborating with the faculty members in publishing written and translated books.

• Communicating with lecturers and experts and encouraging them to submit papers, translations and scientific writings to be evaluated and published   in academic and technical journals of universities.

• Establishing scientific-industrial cooperation committees with various organizations and industrial units.

• Communicating with industries and factories for signing contracts on scientific and research projects for reinforcing relationship between industry and community.

• Encouraging faculty members to implement applied and entrepreneurship researches.

• Holding workshops on promoting entrepreneurship and familiarizing graduate students with the concept of entrepreneurship.

• Providing educational and research services on entrepreneurship for faculty members and graduate students.

• Supporting entrepreneurs as a model for students.

• Guiding students in practical application of their expertise.

• Familiarizing students with all of the existing job opportunities in the society.

•Cooperating with heads of departments in order to encourage them to establish interdisciplinary and applied courses.

• Holding short workshops and seminars to increase applied knowledge.

• Familiarizing students with all of the existing job opportunities in the society