Alumni Association

Association of Afagh University Alumni

Association of Afagh University Alumni was established to create and maintain a continuous relationship among the graduate students, making use of members’ scientific and cultural expertise. The association is a nonprofit, non-political and non-state institution striving for developing socio-cultural communication among the graduate students. The area of ​​activity of the association is not confined to alumni; all university students can benefit from the services provided and enjoy participating in different offered activities.

 Meanwhile, by filling in the form ( download: membership) and submitting it to Deputy for Student/Cultural Affairs, or sending it to  farhanghi@afagh.ac.ir., all graduates can benefit from the services offered by the association.

Some of the most important goals of the Association:

1. Making use of the talents, capability, expertise and knowledge of the graduates.

2. Establishing scientific communication among the members and providing opportunity for promoting their knowledge and expertise.

3. Establishing library, a scientific site, holding educational, cultural and other conferences are the activities that the Association can proceed with and thus make the members develop their areas of interest.

4. Establishing communication and a constructive interaction among colleagues working in different scientific and executive fields of the country.

5. Effective participation of members (alumni) in the cultural arena of the society, especially the academic community.

6.  Providing opportunities to develop, deepen, and enhance cultural communication with other scientific and research centers of the country.

7. Recommending the members of the association to make use of the facilities offered to the applicants by various organs and institutions.

8. Communication and cooperation with manufacturing-industrial companies, governmental institutions etc.

9. Carrying out joint scientific, technical and research projects between the university and the executive sectors of the country.

10. Assisting students to get recruited in different scientific, industrial and executive sectors of the country. In fact, it facilitates the graduates’ employment in appropriate centers.

11. Making effort to strengthen the relationships among graduates and possibly solve their problems through the establishment of clubs, sports activities, camping and meeting, and the like.

12. Providing consulting services pertained to education, science, research and employment.