Deputy’s Organizational Structure

Educational Affairs Administrator

  1. Supplementary Education and Faculty Member Recruitment Specialist
  2. Head of Education Department and registration, Educational Archive and Military Service Expert
  3. Graduates Affairs and diploma(educational document) Issuing responsible
  4. Secretariat and Public Relations
  5. Educational instructor of Natural sources and Agriculture faculty
  6. Educational instructor of Economics and humanity science faculty
  7. Educational instructor of Engineering and technical faculty
  8. laboratories & Sama System Specialist
- Heads of Natural sources and Agriculture Department
  1. Department of Science & food industries
  2. Department of Plant Pathology and natural Resource

  -Heads of Economics and Humanity Department
  1. Department of Accounting and Financial Affairs
  2. Department of Management and Administrative Affairs
  3. Department of Educational Science and Psychology
  4. Department of Islamic Studies
  5. Department of Jurisprudence and Law
  6. Department of Basic Sciences and Foreign Language

-Heads of Technicalad Department of science engineering department

  1. Department of Electrical and Electronics
  2. Department of Civil and Surveying
  3. Department of Architecture and Urban Development
  4. Department of Computer Science