Aafagh Higher Education Institute in line with developing educational courses-levels proceeds to recruit faculty members via the following ways:

-Through calls issued by Ministry of science, Research and Technology

According to Ministry of Science, Research and Technology’s trend each year three calls for recruitment of full time faculty members take place. Aafaq Higher Education Institute according to its developmental outlook and needs attends the calls and demands required faculty members for its group .Therefore, the applicants can attend the calls annually in aprile , August and  February and enter the process of full time recruitment .It is obvious that the final decision regarding agreement or disagreement with applicants’ recruitment will be taken after conducting interview by faculty members

-Through recruitment via cooperation calls

Other part of the faculty members are selected from adjunct teachers. So, it is required that all adjunct teachers teaching at Aafaq Higher Education Institute to acquire teaching application form from the website and fill in fully and then send it  to institute’s electronic mail and/or deliver it in person to the educational department of the institute located at central building (head office).After evaluating the application from and if needed, related expert will  contact the applicant will be invited to attend  concerning interview.  It  must be noted that the process of interview takes place twice annually at the midst of summer and autumn.

Required documents for recruitment interview of faculty members

Questionnaire of administrative board of recruitment