Responsibilities and Duties of Supplementary Education and Faculty Member Recruitment Specialist :

  1.  Follow-up of various stages relation to students’ thesis from selection of topic, approval to thesis defense session.
  2.   Preparation required reports for department concerning statistics and information needed for Supplementary Education Office.
  3. Checking student’s requests and related documents to be proposed in educational council
  4. Responding and guiding students regarding the steps involved conducting research projects (from advisor selection to final defense)
  5. Updating regulations and rules in the domain  of supplementary education
  6. Responding and guiding the faculty members concerning the issues related to thesis administration
  7. Checking typed items and proposed revised notes in defense sessions for proposal and title
  8. Preparing relevant forms to the process of thesis defense and follow up for putting them in the site
  9. Setting up and holding different meetings
  10. Preparing supplementary education folder ( receiving electronic file of title and related forms to assistant and advisor professors, and selection of the monitor)
  11. Attending in the meetings of supplementary education council
  12. Preparing and settings the minutes of session of supplementary education
  13. Sending the minutes of session to be signed by the present attendances
  14. Preparing approved forms in the council and sending it to beneficiaries
  15. Typing required items
  16. Archiving issues revealed by council and other related concerns
  17. Updating the list of advisor and assistant professors
  18. Studying regulations and rules and relevant instructions to faculty members issued by ministry of science, Research and Technology
  19. Expressing the ideas and administrating expertise affairs regarding office work of faculty members

  20. Doing related issues to acceptance, work initiation and termination of faculty members under the legal obligations and Article 1 of regulation of provision of faculty members

  21. Doing related affairs to recruitment including call for recruitment of faculty members, preparing related files and documents, teacher selection and issuing related statement

  22. Presenting required reports and statics regarding faculty members to internal departments of the university and other dependent institutions to related ministry

  23. Official correspondence about faculty members through internal and external departments of the organization

  24. Issuing notice letter for faculty members

  25. Doing other related tasked dictated by supreme authorities of the university