Duties and responsibilities of Educational Affairs Administrator:

  1. Supervising the rule implementation and educational council acts and the statements of Special cases Commission.
  2. Checking administrative processes of educational services continuously and offering  appropriate practices.
  3. Preparation and editing educational plans and practices and presenting  them to university’s  Educational Board.
  4. Utilizing appropriate ways of improving the quality of educational services.
  5. Monitoring the processes of designing and implementing University’s integrated educational  system.
  6. Preparing files and registration documents for accepted students according to educational regulations and practices.
  7. Controlling students’ educational system.
  8. Preparing the expertise reports of students' files.
  9. Supervising the ratified programs for different levels of various courses.
  10. Supervising the issuance of different kinds of educational certificates for graduated students.
  11. Supervising the students' transfer according to determined rules and regulations.
  12. Monitoring educational activities done by students.
  13. Related affairs to outstanding students (brilliant talent).
  14. Related affairs to Non-Iranian Students .
  15. Preparing different educational courses’, statistics and information and sending them to competent authorities.
  16. Corresponding with other  universities and higher education institutes in order to have educational and  student transfer.
  17. Presenting statistical reports and editing annual performance report related to  University educational activities.
  18. Offering advice and informing to students about educational regulations and rules and increasing employees’ job skills through their participation in training courses.