This department is in charge of managing the following educational activities:

  1. Preparation and adjusting of annual educational and executive calendar and its submission to the Office of program, planning and Budget.
  2. proposition and development of the procedure and principles of implementation of the undergraduate and master’s  programs and supervising the quality of the implementation of the approved programs.
  3. Development of educational guidelines and regulations through cooperation with the heads of colleges and departments and supervising their implementation.
  4. Reviewing and providing proposals to strengthen the activities and academic potential the university faculty members.
  5. Planning the educational affairs with the help of educational groups and relevant departments.
  6. Supervision of the appropriate implementation of educational programs and activities within the framework of educational regulations, and presentation of the activity report to relevant authorities.
  7. Planning and implementation of short and free training courses following final approval by the relevant boards.
  8. Planning and holding the university educational council’s meeting and supervising the implementation of its approved decisions
  9. Assessment of the quality of instruction and conducting professional development courses for the faculty members.
  10. Assessment of proposals regarding the improvement of the procedure of admission, enrollment, holding classes, examinations and recording-keeping and issuance of graduate degrees and certifications.
  11. Biannual evaluation of the education performance of students and faculty managers and forwarding reports to dean.
  12. Supervision of proper execution of the decisions made by the board of Directors on educational affairs.
  13. Obtaining statistics and information required in the area of education and presenting it to the relevant authorities.
  14. Preparation of reports on the educational activities of the departments and presenting it to the office of program, planning and Budget to include in the end-of-the-year University report.
  15. Preparation of the proposed annual budget for education department, with the collaboration of the Office of  program, planning and Budget and attending meetings on the assessment and justification of the proposed budget.
  16. Participation as a permanent member in meetings held by the board of managers.
  17. Head of the Academic Educational Council.
  18. Member of the University’s commission for special cases.
  19. Head of the University’s Graduate Studies Council.