Board of Trustees
  1. Approval of the university’s administrative office based on the criteria that will be approved by the supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution on the proposal of the relevant ministries in coordination whit the office of Administrative Affairs and Recruitment.
  2. Reviewing and approving university funding offered by the University president
  3. Approval  of the university’s comprehensive budget
  4. Approval of University  Accounts and Balance Sheets
  5. Appointment of auditor and treasurer for the university
  6. Efforts to attract private sector assistance and local profits ,including cash,
  7. Equipment, and construction ,regarding the criteria adopted by the supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.
  8. Approval of the Financial Regulations and Proceedings, which will be verified by the Ministry.
  9. Propose increments of faculty members and non-faculty members that are applicable, after approval by ministries of culture and higher education or health, medical treatment and education.
  10. Determine the amount of payment for study fees, tuition fees, editing fees, translating fees and the like.                                                          
  11. A review of the university’s report submitted by the head of the university.
  12. Approval of the recruitment rules of the faculty members of the university that will be applicable after the approval of the relevant ministry


The member of the Board of Trustees of the Afagh Higher Education Institution are as follows:

Dr.Ahmad Alijanpoor (Representative of the Minister of Science , Research and Technology)

Prof.Faramarz Fathnezhad(Governor’s representative)

Hojatollslam Valmoslemin Safdar Mohammadi (The chairman of Board of trustees)

Dr.Hojat Gholizadeh (Secretary of the Board of Trustees)

Prof.Rasoul pirmohammadi(member of the Board of  Trustees)

Dr.Lotfali Naseri(member of the Board of  Trustees)

Prof.Ali Ehsani (member of the Board of  Trustees)

Dr.Morteza Qadimzade (member of the Board of  Trustees)

Prof.Daryush Nazarpour(member of the Board of  Trustees)

Dr.Hasan Heydari(member of the Board of  Trustees)