History of Afagh Higher Education Institute

Introducing of Afagh Higher Education Institute

In order to achieve the Stated goals set in "General letter of intent for establishment of non-profit and non-governmental higher education institutions " which was approved  by Supreme Council 1985/10/15 for Cultural Revolution and reforms and  also general terms of Legal grounds of the establishment for non-governmental non-profit higher education institutions which was approved by  the meeting 546 in 2004/09/21 the Supreme Council for cultural revolution, non-governmental, non-profit Afagh higher education institute based on license number 16173/23 in 2007/12/02 and 15073/22 in 2008/11/17 and by law, goals and duties of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (approval by  2004/08/08) is being established and administered.

University goals:

  1. Helping to promote the level of culture and knowledge of society.
  2. Participation in the training of the country’s specialist for needed human resources
  3. Collaborate on providing the appropriate field for the full participation of the people in the development and enhancement of national education of the country
  4. helping to raise student capacity of the West Azerbaijan province
  5. Use the facilities and available capabilities in the province in development of higher educations
  6. Provide native student recruitment and selection in towns or cities nearby.
  7. Efforts to strengthen the self-esteem and eliminate the scientific, economic and cultural dependencies of the country
  8. strengthen the production of native science (Iranian-Islamic) and having a critical scientific look at the translation texts

Duties and authority of the university:

-Providing the necessary and appropriate facilities for related educational, research and cultural activities in the context of values ​​of the Islamic Revolution.
-Student admission after obtaining permission from the supreme council of the Ministry higher education
-Cooperation with the country’s scientific centers, in order to expand education in the country