Research and Technology

Dr.Farhad Abdzadeh


research, attraction and development Expert

Born: 1989 in Maraghe



Research and Technology Deputy 

Educational Records:

Bachelor's degree: sports management and planning of Urmia University in 2017

Master's degree: sports management and planning of Urmia University in 2013

Specialized Doctorate: Sports Management and Planning of Urmia University in 2019

Master's thesis title

Obstacles and limitations of volleyball development in West Azarbaijan province

The title of the doctoral dissertation

Profile of entrepreneurship in sports science faculties of Iran and presentation of employment and entrepreneurship model

This deputy in the field of education is responsible for activities, the most important of which are:


Based on the policies of the strategic plan of the institute and in order to synergize and coordinate the different units in the field of research and technology, the strategic plan of this field and the proposed chart based on the documents and upstream institutions (two vice-chancellors at the level of the Ministry of Science for research, technology and innovation affairs) and Based on the strategic plan (sp) of the institution, which is at the offensive point, and according to the operational plan, which should be research, technology and entrepreneurship among the three main priorities of the institution, it is possible to take steps to achieve the goals of the institution by creating a structure, vision and operational plan.

- Setting up the institute's research programs in the form of policies and guidelines approved by the institute (sp program)

- Carrying out the necessary investigations regarding the change or development of research and research programs and adapting it to the needs of the institution, province and country.

- Preparing and proposing various research regulations and monitoring their implementation

- Cooperation in providing scientific services and holding scientific seminars and conferences and implementing all research and scientific-service contracts between the institute and other centers.

- Creating coordination and communication with industries and service sectors, to attract research-technology projects.

- Supervision and monitoring of activities and research outputs of graduate students

- Attracting material and spiritual support from research departments outside the university

- Orienting research and research projects towards demand-oriented research

- Supporting technology companies and trying to accelerate knowledge-based companies for development and commercialization

- Creating research cores in faculties to carry out specialized and problem-oriented work

- Identifying the relative capacities available outside research projects for income generation and wealth creation from the field of research

- Membership in assemblies and participation in various extra-organizational meetings, such as the Saat system, the Pazuhesh Council and Content Editing, the Information Resources Policy Council, the Library Association, etc.

- Compilation and approval of regulations of research centers

- Joint cooperation with central laboratories of Urmia University and other organizations

- Organization of facilities of laboratories and workshops of the university to provide services to non-academic departments

- Development of scientific relations with the science and technology park of the province and establishment of the institute's growth and innovation center

- Strengthening the university publishing unit (printing and selling books) and supporting the publication of scientific and research journals

- Carrying out matters related to recruitment, including the recruitment of faculty members, filing a file - selecting a professor and issuing the relevant notification