Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities

The cultural, sporting, and extracurricular activities and also various programs presented by the Students’ Forums are all taking place at Afagh University as outlined by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Based on their talents and interests, students are taking part in these activities throughout their studies at the institute.

Some of the cultural and Extracurricular activities:

• Holding daily congregational prayers of noon and evening prayers at the university's prayers room

•Holding periodic Holy Quran interpretation meetings

• Study Center and cultural library located in each faculty

• Holding meetings for celebrating national and religious days

holding ceremonies to honor teachers at Teachers’ Week

• Holding ceremonies for newly admitted students

 holding convocation ceremony for graduating students

 Arranging religious/cultural trips to holy Mashhad

 Arranging cultural/sporting and entertaining camping

• Holding reading competitions

·    Holding cultural-scientific exhibitions and …

·   Holding workshops

·   Arranging free thinking chairs

·   Arranging question/answer meetings with the members of the Founding Board

·   Holding entrepreneurship courses

·   Providing special swimming pool card for girls and boys

·   Doing sporting exercises such as volleyball (brothers), volleyball (sisters), futsal, martial arts and ...

·    Arranging inter-university sport competitions and ...