Dormitory Affairs
Office of the Dormitory Affairs:

Students applying for a dormitory can refer to the student's affairs and receive a letter of settlement. The letter is then submitted to one of the accredited self-run dormitories and enjoys the services.

Office of the Dormitory Affairs: Duties

 • Admission and accommodation of students in dormitories, room assignment, delivery of the related room properties to the student.

• Maintaining and promoting dormitory students’ mental, physical, scientific, ethical, and intellectual health is of great importance for the university.

• Planning to accommodate students (boys, girls, married students) in dormitories, based on the financial status of the universities in providing the mentioned services.  

 Monitoring the executing of dormitories’ current affairs (providing services, maintenance of building installations, repairments, necessary items for furnishing the dormitories, administrative tasks, personnel) and coordinating the activities of the Students’ Forums located in dormitories.

• Timely provision of needed services, building installments, needed items for furnishing the dormitories and coordination with the university's technical section in urgent cases.

• For the sake of the students’ satisfaction, the office conducts research projects on the needs analysis the items required by dormitories and evaluates satisfaction level of the residents of the dormitories.  

• Developing service-offering strategies (drafting dormitory ethical charter, citizenship-right charter…) to provide the students with access to information and meeting their needs in the shortest possible time.

• Holding question-answer sessions and paying sudden visits to the dormitories to get the students’ point of views and suggestions.

• Coordinating with the student counseling center for improving the behavioral, emotional and social health of the residents, as well as establishing and maintaining a treatment room (medical clinic) to meet the medical and therapeutic needs of the students.

• Doing financial settlement affairs of dormitory residents.     

• Preparing documents indicating students’ accommodation expenses in each semester and forwarding them to the Welfare Fund of Students.

 • Doing the financial settlement of the resident and non-resident students and declaring their debt to the Students Welfare Fund in Tehran.

• Providing a proper dormitory environment based on the affordability thresholds of the university.

• Forwarding students’ dormitory problems to authorities, so that they are considered and fixed in the shortest possible time.

• Trying to establish interaction among students making them take part in running the dormitories.

• Coordinating with other sections of the university.