Scientific Forums

Scientific Forums:

Students’ Scientific Forums, as scientific institutions, make it possible for the interested students to participate collectively and voluntarily in various fields of science along with their teachers. These forums have the responsibility of flourishing students’ talents and reinforcing the spirit of scientific exploration which are the missions of the university as well. The forums move towards the achievement of certain goals, the most important of which is the creation of the self-confidence and the success of the its members.

These forums have been established to create and develop a joyful academic setting for the talented students and supporting their collective and self-initiated research activities so that they got flourished culturally and scientifically.  In other words, all these activities aimed at helping students and creating a sense of self-confidence so that they can play an effective role in education.

These forums also provide opportunities for students’ collective activities and reinforce their scientific, research joyfulness and also their spirit of interaction. While getting familiar with ups and downs of engaging in collective activities, students, active in student scientific forums, through enhancing their educational background, will acquire much more expertise in establishing communication with organizations, industries, society, departments strengthening their academic background with more skill and experience.

The goals of establishing Scientific Forums:

 1 – Providing opportunities for flourishing students talents and arousing their scientific creativity to be employed for entrepreneurship purposes in their own educational field.    

 2- Motivating students and developing their skills

 3- Institutionalizing students' scientific and research extracurricular activities

 4- Increasing the level of the students’ participation and competition in scientific activities and reinforcing their educational and scientific interaction with teachers. 

 5- Identifying elite and gifted students and taking advantage of their participation in promoting the scientific spirit of the university.  

  6 -Making use of the students’ scientific capabilities to reinforce university’s links with other executive socio/economic sectors.

 7- Providing opportunities for students so that they can get a good sense of real job market.

8. Conducting research projects to come up with new approaches for dealing with the present limitations and constraints.

9-Developing a sound scientific interaction policy among students.

10- Developing a sense of responsibility and participation in scientific, cultural and social activities.

11- Reinforcing the spirit of partnership and collaboration in team works.

  1. Introducing the Scientific Clubs Secretaries

  2. Electricity Scientific Club
  3. Civil Engineering Scientific Club
  4. Architecture Scientific Club
  5. Computer Scientific Club
  6. Food Industries Scientific Club
  7. Physical Education Scientific Club
  8. Law Scientific Club
  9. Robotic Scientific Club
  10. Pharmaceutical Scientific Club
  11. Plant Pathology Scientific Club
  12. Medical Herbal Association
  13. Surveying Scientific Club
  14. Mechanical Engineering Scientific Club