Educational Science & Psychology

Presenting Information on the field of Psychology


Definition and Purpose of the field:

Psychology is a science of describing, explaining, predicting and controlling the mental behaviors and processes of man as a divine creature with reference to his physical, psychological, social, moral and spiritual dimensions using empirical, rational and revelatory sources and methods.

Main Objectives of the field:

The purpose of this program is to learn the basics of psychology in various areas of social, clinical, experimental, developmental, methodological, personality, cognitive and physiological fields with respect to the indigenous and religious culture of the country in order to empower the students in the aspects of knowledge, providing them with the insight and competence to be used both in their individual and social life.

Specific aims of the field:

Learning the basic concepts and foundations of psychology in various social, clinical, experimental, transformational, methodological, personality, cognitive and physiological fields.

Getting familiarized with different theories and approaches in psychology in a comparative fashion.

Getting familiarized with different approaches and fields of psychological sciences and the related professions.

Acquainting students with Islamic doctrines and the indigenous culture of the country within the field of psychology

Acquiring the Knowledge and skills in employing psychological tests


Understanding and acquiring skills for intervention in reducing mental, social and moral disorders.


Presenting information on the field of Educational Sciences

Many definitions have been presented for the term education. Some have considered it as flourishing human talents. However, for Educational Sciences, we can say that it is a collection of sciences that, through their exact recognition and employment, one can decode the mystery of human faculty and paving the path of human excellence and prosperity. In this way, if a follower freely and voluntarily moves in this path, and accepts the call of Allah, he would achieve the prosperity of the earthly world and the afterlife, living a divine life as promised in Holy Qur’an.

The aim of the undergraduate program is to learn and acquire skills in the field of educational sciences and its " quartet fields" (which, of course, each student can choose from if offered by the intended university. In this way, the program provides students with the insight and competence to be used both in their individual and social life.

 The bachelor degree in Educational Sciences is four years. The total number of credit courses is 140. The educational system is course based.  All theoretical and practical courses are offered over a maximum of eight semesters. The length of each semester is 16 weeks and the minimum time for each course is one hour per week.


The total number of 140 credit courses of undergraduate degree courses is offered as follows:

Basic: 20 credit courses, Main: 70 credit courses, Specialized: 18 credit courses, Optional: 10 credit courses, - General: 22 credit courses.