Architecture & Urban Development

Department of Architecture and Urbanism

General information; aims and mission                                                                                      

The department of Architecture and Urbanism of Afagh has more than 500 active students each semester in three main degree programs (Associate of Arts (A.A.), Bachelor of Art (B.A.) and Mater of Art (M.A.)). About 20 academic members and invited lecturers cooperate with the department. As the other universities, charts and content of the courses are based on Iranian Science Ministry order, but the Higher Educational Institute of Afagh does more than it. We provide various supplementary programs such as workshops, panels, competitions and professional courses. The department pursuits the alumni, consults and helps them to find best professional position in their intended area.

Afagh’s department of Architecture and Urbanism aims to equip students with necessary global and local knowledge and to get a critical view in order to promote leadership in professional and academic practices of architecture in national and international contexts. Architecture is the art of creating space and is the embodiment of human beings values. The Students are trained to be responsible for their community and its social and cultural context.