Amenities and welfare services

Amenities and welfare services

Students’ cultural and extracurricular activities, and also activities of the forums are always performed here at the Afagh University as outlined by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Based on their interests and abilities, students are taking part in these throughout the studying years.

Scientific and research collaboration with other organizations

Sports halls: Afagh University has sport halls for martial arts, ping pong, soccer, volleyball, futsal and basketball.

 Students’ dormitories: Afagh University has self-catering dormitories with all the amenities that are situated in a convenient location very closes to the university and downtown.

 Students’ insurance: All Afagh University’s students are covered by group accident insurance as well as health care insurance throughout their studying years.

Nutrition Automation: This university has a nutrition automation system allowing all students to have a daily meal at a lowest cost.

 Tuition fees: The tuition fees of Afagh University, in comparison with the other non-state universities (Islamic Azad University), are about half of the tuition paid.

Tuition installment: Caring for the students who are not able to pay the tuition fee at the beginning of the semester, Afagh University allows them to pay the tuition by installments.

Tuition Fee Loan Fund: If approved by the Welfare Fund of the Ministry of Science, Student/Cultural Deputy of Afagh University offers tuition loans (up to 3000000 Rials) every semester for associate and undergraduate students who applied for. Post graduate students are granted up to 1000000 Rials every semester. The loan is to be paid by installment 2 years after the students’ graduation.

Discount on tuition fee

A) Only for academically top students: Afagh University grants tuition discount for students recognized as the first three top students in each program.

 B) Only for top athletes:

This University grants tuition fee discount for the students who achieved provincial or national championship to recognize their efforts. This discount would be effective for the Accounting department after approved by the Deputy for the students’ Affairs.  

C) Only for students who are not able to pay their semester tuition fee:

Afagh University has a fund named as Imam Jawad (AS) Charity Fund. The fund provides financially disadvantaged students with (non-returned) financial assistance if the proper needed documents are presented.