Board of Directors

The Board of Direcorsof the university is composed of the chairman and university deputies,the deputies are delermined by the amount of the work and the capacity of the university ,and their number can be up to 7, some of the deputies can be merged.


The Duties and Authority of the University Board of Directors:

  1. Providing the executive branch of the Supreme Council of the Engelabe-Farhangi and regulations and rulebooks issued by the Ministry.
  2. Propose the organizational chart and administrative reforms necessary for the administration of internal affairs of the university to the trusteeship through the university head.
  3. Reviewing and evaluating the implementation of decisions of the Board of Directors and monitoring the performance of university units.
  4. Providing the field of popularization of the university and helping the university’s self-sufficiency and affiliated units.
  5. Establishing the necessary coordination between different departments.
  6. Checking the administrative, financial and transactions rulebooks of the university for the plan in board of trustees and provide suggestions, plans, and programs that should be put on board of trustees agenda.

  7. Offering the annual budget of the university to board of trustees through the university head: