Duties and authority of the Head of Administration Affairs:

 • Executing university policies and strategies related to administration, recruitment and supporting affairs.

• Supervising and monitoring the proper execution of the activities of the subsidiary units.

• Preparation and drafting administrative regulations and bylaws, based on the indicated rules of the University, to be submitted to the relevant authorities; all the units and departments would be notified of the approved regulations.

• Creating and maintaining a database for personnel, service, and administrative records of all   university staff.

• Planning for the provision of the human resources required by the university; making   necessary proposals and suggestions and carrying out procedures for recruiting faculty and non-faculty members.

• Predicting the annual promotion and status change of employees with the help of relevant units.

• Planning and monitoring the proper running of the Recruitment Bureau of the University. 

  Providing coordination for signing up scientific/educational co-operation agreements with universities and research centers.

• Monitoring the proper implementation of the recruitment regulations; providing necessary guidance for the preparation and modification of functions, positions and organizational chart of   the university managed by Program Budget and the Administrative Reform Office of the university.

• Supervising the attendance, entry and exit of university’s security forces and the full-time staff; monitoring overtime and staff appointments (faculty and non-faculty members).

• Participating in various meetings and commissions making comments and providing required suggestions.

• Attending to the welfare Affairs of the personnel and the retirement of the staff making required decisions.

• Executing the other affairs assigned by the authorities