Counseling on entrepreneurship: Introducing the Entrepreneurship and Social Relations Center

Focusing on the role and importance of entrepreneurship in the country's economic development and the necessity of students’ and graduate students’ focusing on entrepreneurial activities instead seeking to get employed, made the policymakers and officials of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology develop an entrepreneurship development plan at the universities of the country (Karad) in late 2000. Deputy for the Student/Cultural Affairs was given the responsibility of executing this plan at the University of Afagh. This Center officially has started its activities. The participants in this plan are cooperating with each other to carry out the future activities and review and verify the approved bills and workshops as well.

Reviewing and approving bills and workshops throughout the year have been the outcome of these meetings. Many of these bills and workshops have already been done and effective steps have been taken at Afagh university regarding enhancing the growth of entrepreneurial thinking.

Perspective (vision) of the Center:

Enjoying the expertise and the academic capabilities of the lecturers and students and flexible structure and efficient technology, Afagh University's Entrepreneurship Center is determined to be one of the leading centers in the field of education and advocacy of the entrepreneurship in the region making the graduates of Afagh University as entrepreneurs who are taking steps towards developing a knowledge based economy.

Duties of the Center:

• Supporting entrepreneurship workshops

• Holding entrepreneurship meetings

• Training lecturers

• Supporting Student Entrepreneurship Research Projects

• Cooperating with media to promote entrepreneurship

• Increasing students’ awareness on entrepreneurship

 Offering advice on the business plan

• Establishing a Memorandum of Understanding with organizations (such as House of handicrafts) to support entrepreneurship

• Carrying out other assigned plans

• Managing Academic Knowledge Based Companies

• Offering Counseling services to students and faculty members for establishing knowledge based companies